This recipe is very close to the recipe I shared previously for burgers. There are some slight variations. In this recipe, I am not grinding Bacon. I use Flanken steak that is grinded in the food processor, and I adjust based on the fact that I’m using a gas grill instead of the stovetop.

The meat mixture is Ground Chuck (80/20), Sirloin (93/7), and Flanken steak (approx 70/30). I use about 1 pound of Sirloin, 1 pound of Chuck, and approx 10 ounces of Flanken (this is after removing cartilage/bones, etc.

I will post some pictures/videos of this shortly.


16 Ounces of 93/7 Sirloin
16 Ounces of 80/20 Chuck
16 Ounces of Flanken Steak
Olive Oil


1. Trim Flanken steak of cartilage/bones. In this case, I was left with approximately 10 ounces of meat. Cut this meat into 1 inch strips.
2. Put a little bit of this meat (at a time) in a food processor and pulse until it is chopped finely.
3. In a bowl, mix this meat with the Chuck and Sirloin using your fingertips. If there are any clumps of meat, break them apart and ensure that all of the types of meat are mixed together thoroughly.
4. Weigh the mixture into 6 ounce portions.
5. Make these into a ball.
6. Flatten/form the burger to the point where it is a little wider than the diameter of the hamburger roll. I’m estimating this is typically about 1/2 inch thickness.
7. Place these burgers on a plate and freeze while waiting for grill to preheat (approximately 20 minutes).
8. Preheat grill on high with lid closed for approximately 15-20 minutes.
9. Remove the burgers from the freezer and put a little olive oil on the grill grate and on both sides of the burger. Season the burger with salt/pepper to taste on both sides.
10. Place burgers on grill over direct/high heat (with lid open). Cook for a few minutes until the burger releases from the grill grate. Do not force the burger off the grate if it doesn’t release easily.
11. (Optional). For good grill marks, rotate the burger at 90 degrees. Otherwise, leave burger on the first side until the middle of the burger turns slightly brown (when looking at it from the side) and a little red comes out from the top.
12. Flip the burger and cook until desired doneness. Optionally, you can close the lid to for a few minutes at the end. Some of the smokiness is contained as the juices hit the fire and it helps melt the cheese faster.

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