Keith Calligan

Fried Chicken

It's been a while since a new recipe has been posted. I stumbled on this one today so thought it was a good idea to do a quick write-up. I used

New and Improved Chicken Wing Recipe

These wings can be cooked in the smoker or oven.  Either way, the oven would need to be used at the end to get a little bit of a char on the wings

Smoked/Pulled Pork

A bone-in Boston Butt is being used for this recipe.  I trim the fat-cap on the top a little bit.  Next, the pork is lathered (on all sides) with mustard and your favorite

Smoked Brisket Experiment

Here are my notes based on smoking a brisket in my Masterbuilt electric smoker. It’s been a while since I’ve had brisket, but I need to come up with a process

Chicken Wing Experiment

UPDATE (2/21/22) I made some changes to the recipe in order to get an even crispier skin.  This time around, I added water to the bowl with the chicken immediately after