Steak Burger Recipe

Here is the final recipe that I am going to post based on my Hamburger Experiment (pictures of the method to come soon)

This will make 4 (6 Ounce) burgers.


9 Ounces of Sirlion (Thick Grind)
9 Ounces of Chuck (Thick Grind)
3 Ounces Short Rib
3 Ounces Bacon


1. Trim Short Ribs to make 3 ounces of usable meat. I don’t leave any hard fat. Only red meat with slight marbling or thin layers of fat. Cut the ribs into small strips for now.

2. Get approximately 2 strips of Bacon (3 ounces). These can be left whole.

3. (Optional) Freeze the Bacon and Short Rib mixture so it is easier to grind.

4. Use either a food processor or meat grinder to grind the Bacon/Short Rib mixture. You can also chop this mixture up finely with a Chef’s knife but this takes a little more work.

5. Take the Bacon/Short Rib mixture and mix this with the Sirloin/Chuck mixture. As you mix, it is best to use your fingertips to break apart any of the Bacon/Short Ribs that have clumped together. Equally incorporate this mixture with the rest of the meat. The whole mixture can be loosely formed at this point.

6. Measure 6 ounces of the meat mixture and roll into ball. Flatten this out to a patty. Make sure it stays together well but don’t too firmly pack. Make it slightly wider than the diameter of the hamburger bun.

7. Preheat pan on stovetop over medium heat. You can use a little oil or butter but it isn’t really needed.

8. Liberally salt/pepper each side of the burger and put in pan.

9. Cook approximately 4-5 minutes per side. It is very difficult to overcook this burger.